#17733 Tall 17-18th Century Carved Lattice Door

17-18th century carved tall screen lattice door with had-carved motives in bat (good luck & longevity), longevity peach, and flower vase (pronounced Ping, Harmonious) with many different vegetation and flowers. The latticework is composed of stylized Key shape design with minimized dragon tail design. The small lower panel is carved with the mythical Chilin and fire bird (phoenix) interacting with each other. This wonderful carved screen door full of auspicious meanings as well as beautiful objects from the nature has been refinished on both sides with layers of hand-polished natural lacquer from the tree and is ready to hang or display at your beautiful home! Priced for each screen. Three screens are available.

Dimensions: 98 1/2" H x 18 7/8" W x 17/8" D
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