• #23917 Pair of Large Size Antique Northern Chinese Square Stools with New Marble Tops

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Pair of Large Size Antique Northern Chinese Square Stools with New Marble Tops made of northern elm; with "round-wrapped-round" style construction. One of the stools had broken legs and had been repaired recently. As is. These very heavy stools with ample surfaces make a wonderful coffee table together or simply use as end tables to place a cup of tea, a book, and more on. Dimensions for each: 22 1/2" x 22 1/2" x 18 1/2" H

  • #11740 Excellent Ex-Long Antique Wide Chun-Deng Style Bench with Inlaid Bamboo Slats

    Bench and Stool Benches & Stools ...



    Excellent Ex-Long Antique Wide Chun-Deng Style Bench with Inlaid Bamboo Slats. This beautiful wider bench is constructed in the classical Ming style with with rounded legs and a wider "Floating-Panel" frame construction with the simple Diao-Ya style spandrels. A solid well-made and visually attractive piece, beautifully refinished with the original patina from the wood and the lacquer. Possibly 18-19th century. Dimensions: 75 3/8" L x 21 1/4" W x 18 7/8" H

  • #14905 Antique Ju Wood Carrying Style Work or Tool Bench with Drawers

    Small Cabinet and Chest Bench and Stool ...



    Antique Ju Wood Carrying Style Work or Tool Bench with Drawers on one side and with a carved apron in fruit design. This useful low bench still has an old cloth rope attached to it by its old owner for easy carrying when he or she, a street vendor, was out to perform the job or task when the low stool was used to keep small tools and for resting. The use of the good Ju wood, a denser southern Chinese elm, suggests the wish to keep this important personal tool chest for a long use. Dimensions: 16 1/4" L x 9" W x 10" H

  • #22390 Antique Narrow Blond Bench with Floral Design in Spandrel (SOLD)

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Narrow Blond Bench with Floral Design in Spandrel. This beautiful small bench was created with four splayed legs with supporting bars/ stretchers going across in between the legs, forming a very sturdy structure for the bench when used. It is made of good Chinese southern cypress wood and has been carefully refinished recently to preserve its antiquity and character. The unusual floral design at its spandrels looks to be a peony flower, quite lovely! This little bench that can afford the weight of a person is great to be placed at an entryway or any other compact space that needs an elegant presentation. Dimensions: 40 3/4" L x 4 1/2" D (top) x 17" H. The depth for the bottom of the legs is at 9 1/4".

  • #22275 New Drum Shaped Hardwood Stool with Mother of Pearl Inlay

    Bench and Stool New Furniture & Decorative ...



    Contemporary Drum Shaped Hardwood Stool with Mother of Pearl Inlay. This round stool, made of exotic dense hardwood styles from the later styling of what is commonly called "garden stool" which mostly made of porcelain material. The inlaid work with mother of pearl shell on this stool was done by hand, cut piece by piece and laid. This stool will come handy in any room where you need an extra seat for the guest or simply use it as an extra end table for the holiday gathering! Dimensions: H 17 1/2" x Base 12" x Widest 16 3/4"

  • #19373 Pair of Vintage Garden Stool Style Hardwood Round Stools

    Bench and Stool



    Pair of Vintage Garden Stool Style Hardwood Round Stools from the mid 20th century. Made of beautiful exotic hardwood with delicate tight grain. This pair of stools has beautiful natural wood patina with the tops of the stools have been lightly refinished. In excellent condition. These wonderful hardwood stools with a good design make wonderful small side tables for a graceful interior decor. Had some breakage and have been repaired. Dimensions: Diameter at Base 11 1/4", at widest 16" x H 17 1/2"

  • #18631 Ex-Long Antique Red Lacquer Bench with Melon Design

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Ex-Long Antique Red Lacquer Bench with Melon Design and Gilt Carving. This "Zhu-Jin (red and gold) red bench is from the Zhiangzhe area in China and has been Repaired and refinished. It has a carved double lines in its structural design called "melon shape" for its top and the frame which include all its legs. The long spandrels are supported by hand-carved small ornaments painte din Zhu-Jin style to keep the spandrels from warping. The name of Zhu-Jin refers to the red lacquer and the gilt painting that are featured lacquered and painted style from the Zhiang-Zhe area, but also appears in furniture and wares from the Fu-jian area and from the north. This long bench is very sturdy. The red is a pink red. Dimensions: 67 1/2" L x 16 1/4" W x 18" H

  • #17562 18-19th Century Square Stool with Red & Gilt Carving & Rattan

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique 18-19th Century Square Stool with original Red and Black Lacquer and replaced Rattan "Soft-Seat". With Carved melon shape legs. The rattan, though was replaced, it is built with an empty frame underneath while the frame has been re-threaded with palm fiber underneath the sheet of woven bamboo rattan, providing comfort when seating. This type of seat construction can be found on the earlier and older furniture pieces such as chairs, beds, and benches from the mid to early Qing period and earlier, when the comfort and workmanship were the focus for the furniture building. It also comes with original gilt and hand-carved early style dragon carving on the supporting ornaments. Some minor chips and wear. As is. Dimensions: 17 1/2" in diameter x 20 1/2" H

  • 15819 Rare Large 17-18th Century Antique Bai Wood Bench with Bamboo Slats

    Bench and Stool



    Very rare and beautiful 17-18th century antique Bai wood Ming style wider bench with bamboo slats on the top for the seat; all rounded construction with rounded legs. While most of the Chinese benches made with bamboo slats were made in the early 20th century, the earlier ones such as this one are hard to come by with the perfect wood and its superior classical design with extremely elegant proportions from the period. This bench is very well constructed and will last for many years to come because of its fine craftsmanship and superb joinery construction that are evident form the earlier pieces. The body of the bench is lightly refinished in a beautiful and soft matte lacquer finish that is like silk to the eyes. Some replacements of old bamboo slats. Dimensions: 65" x 19 1/4" D x 19"H

  • #10164 Old Ma-Ja Mongolian Style Folding Stool (Clearance)

    Chair Decorative & Collectibles Chinese Furiture Bench and Stool ...



    Old Ma-Ja Mongolian style folding stool from the early to mid 20th century. As is. Great for carrying to the outdoor!

  • #15588 Pair of Antique Rectangular Stools with Very Rare Fine Original Woven Bamboo

    Bench and Stool



    This is a pair of wonderful antique southern Chinese stools made of better and rarer Chinese wood, Ju- Mu and Nan- Mu (Mu means wood), with very rare and refine original old bamboo rattan top intricately woven with delicate patterns. Such fine old rattan weaving on furniture pieces practically did not even exist any more even during the mid 20th century as the old craftsmen for weaving such fine weaving no longer existed then and now. Most of the replacements for the rattan for the old Chinese chairs nowadays are much coarser compared to, with wooden seat frame underneath usually altered. An old furniture piece with such fine and intricate original old bamboo weaving was a pick out of many thousands if one could even be found even way back the early days. This is because rattan breaks easily when used as seating, few old Chinese furniture pieces could retain the original old bamboo woven seat. The old rattan weaving on this pair of stools are much finer than most others. A rattan seat is not only cooling for the hot and humid southern summer weather in china, it is also very comfortable to sit on as a “soft- seat” because of its special seat construction underneath which allows for the “bouncing” from the body. The old bamboo woven seat is visually attractive and adds to the furniture piece a sense of elegance and fineness. The original dark red- brown lacquer of the stools have been stripped to reveal the beautiful grains on the blond wood. Minor losses on the rattan. Dimensions for each stool is:20 1/2"w x 12 1/2"d x 19 1/2"h.

  • #12467 Pair of Antique Ming Style Square Stools

    Bench and Stool



    Pair of antique Ming style square stools with original red lacquer Dimensions: 17 1/2"w x 17 1/2"l x 18 1/2"h

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