I began fascinated with furniture during the mid 1980’s when I began to buy and sell antique Japanese furniture pieces for my small gallery on Cooper Street in downtown Santa Cruz. During that time, I was charmed by Japanese furniture with its simplicity and quiet beauty.

Growing up in the countryside in Taiwan and slept many years during my childhood on the Ta-Ta-Mi mat in the old style Taiwanese residence with wood floor made of broad bands of dark wood, influenced by the Japanese architecture and taste, I appreciated my first contact of bare feet on the old wooden floor and the serenity and peace the old Taiwanese houses offered.

I began my acquaintances with antique Chinese wood furniture since the late 1980’s when China first opened its door to the world in establishing its international free-market trade. Since then, it has been an unforgettable journey for over three decades.

Scholar style Chinese furniture of the Ming Dynasty made of the precious and the exotic hardwood has long been treasured by the international collectors and the museums worldwide. The function-logical construction and the elegance of the design of the Ming furniture has made its name and influenced thousands of Chinese wood workers alike for centuries.

Being associated with this traditional Chinese art for many years, I have learned from this art, other than the expanded taste and palette, a cultivated mind and attitude in observing these art objects as they are. This training has allowed me to further go into the depth of any art, and to create more art in its expressiveness with a sincere manner.

Of all the furniture designs I have created, many were a matter of adds-and-tosses during many busy working years, and few records were kept. But I don’t regret any, as the experience is the essence and this essence is what I would like to share here. 


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The digital drawing presented here, “Lounge (design concept)”, is an abstract one...

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In this section, the photos shown include my furniture designs...

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