I started dance since at the age of six. I started learning how to paint at the age of eight. I started writing poetry at the age of twenty. The art and creativity has always been my passion, whatever form it takes on. The most important thing for me is that art and writing allow me to indulge in a world that my own expression is of my own unique expression-whether from an internal voice, a play at the moment, or from the manner of sincerity in creating artwork. In that, an artist must walk her own or his own path.

The digital images and most of the poems presented here are works created within the last seven or eight years with the most current series “Description (1)” displayed. I welcome any feed-back or that if you simply enjoy any one image. They have gone from the early years in creating graphic type of images to the recent years with the more profound artworks of its own, all created in self-taught digital format except for the flash software which I learned from an online course. To put it in a smaller scope, these images serve as communication between the the creator and the viewers. Please enjoy viewing and reading these art series.

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