16797 Set of Ten 17th Century Carved Lattice Screen Doors

(明代雕花卉步步錦格扇門十片)This is a beautiful set of ten Chinese screen doors from the 17th century. The latticework is composed of an outer larger square with inner smaller square or half square and an even smaller four-petal design in the middle. This type of design is called “Bu Bu Jin, 步步錦”, meaning “Step by Step” towards prosperity or a high court career. The middle four-petal design incorporates a simplified Ruyi (to-your-wish) and a dragon tail motif in it. One notices all the wooden dowels that form the latticework are all carved in a concave design, corresponding to the way some of the Chinese furniture pieces were made from the 17-18th century. The carved sunflower (葵花)is a motif used often in Chinese woodwork during Ming Dynasty.

The dimensions of the screen and the latticework pattern vary slightly among the set as some of the pieces probably came from different parts of the building.

Each screen measures approximately 92 1/4” in height with different widths ranging from 16 1/4” to 18 7/8”.
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