#16751 18th Century Antique Chinese Carved Lattice Screen Door

This is an interesting 18th century antique Chinese lattice screen door with fairly elaborate carving and latticework. It is a good example to show how the latticework as a whole is supported by many sections of smaller latticework for its strength. The latticework is composed and displayed inside a hand-carved bamboo frame with sections joined together by wooden dowels or carved parts. The middle section of the square latticework, which holds a fan shaped carving, with extended latticework on each side that connects directly to the bamboo shaped frame is the main structure that gives the stability of the whole lattice composition with expanded strength. Then, the top and the bottom section of the lattice design fill in the rest of the space. In many of the even smaller sections of the latticework, such as the small squared scrolled key design that is all over the entire latticework, the smaller sections of latticework inside the larger octagonal lattice work that hold the dragon carving together, the diagonal and triangular shaped latticework inside the four corners of the middle large lattice square, and many more.... The composition of Chinese latticework, whether done in a simpler or a more complex style, is essentially a net of built strength where one balances and supports the other like that of the Yin and Yang cycling in the universe with stability. A badly designed or built latticework with deteriorated wood in time and through different weather condition can be smashed with one palm and it will fall apart. While a well built and well designed latticework will stay solid and strong through the test of time in hundred years regardless the condition of the wood.

The carving includes playful and storied figures, dragon heads, and auspicious Chilin, deer, bats, and others.

Dimensions: 25 7/8” W x 1 1/4” D x 96 1/4” H
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