#9018 Set of Six Exceptional Antique Tall Screen Doors with Cracked-Ice Latticework

(清代雕冰花格門六片) Set of six 9 feet tall antique Chinese carved lattice screen doors with ice-ray (or cracked ice) lattice pattern with fine carving. One detailed photo shows the interesting and intricately carved elephant- like mythical animals in interesting circular pattern. The mythical animals and the magpie bird on the right together suggest the arriving or coming of the good things or happy time. The latticework is decorated with bamboo leaves and partial element of a plum blossom. Bamboo and plum blossom are part of the Three Enduring Friends: pine, bamboo, and plum blossom. Ice-ray is lattice pattern with irregular triangular shapes that is a favorite of many connoisseurs for Chinese woodwork. It is sometimes decorated or carved with other vegetation motifs. This set of lattice screen doors originally would have been composed of many more panels to form an impressive large wall or walls of an old Chinese building often with much higher ceiling than ones built today.

Dimensions for each screen: 20 1/2"w x 109"h
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