#12559 Narrow and Extra Tall Antique 18-19th Century Wooden Gates with Handmade Iron Fitting

This is a very nice pair of antique Chinese wooden gates with beautiful hand-made old iron fitting possibly from the 18th century. Such gates might have been placed atop of stone or cement steps with a court yard or a garden behind them.

Unlike the more recently reproduced pieces with iron fittings that were made of iron sheets, after being placed in the rain outdoor and rusted, cut into the shapes of the objects, and nailed or attached to the wooden surfaces of the doors, the iron fittings on this pair of doors were hand-hammered only bit by bit until the desired objects or designs were formed, including all the iron nails and decorative motives. The old fittings have wonderful textures and the depth and the look of the handmade metal work that is very unique. The floral motifs on this pair of gates might have been added on later.

Dimensions for each panel is 8 3/4” W x 2” D x 91” H without the whole wooden locking structure at the back of the doors.
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