#8133 Set of Six Antique 17-18th Century Carved Lattice Sreens

Photo shown is one out of A Set of Six Antique 17-18th Century Carved Lattice Screens. Stripped blond. Some replacements of wood. As is.

The latticework on this screen is composed by building eight horizontal bars across from right to left or left to right in between the outer frame and hence building the rest of the latticework on these eight bars. So, the construction itself for the latticework is quite simple.

The carved motives on this particular screen is quite interesting, including a cow like animal with hoof feet in the middle spitting out a smoke with a character of "moon, yue". To the right is a Daoist's sword with auspicious ruyi ,wrapped by its carrying ribbon. On the left is a "yuan-bao", a Chinese silver or gold bullion that represents wealth and prosperity, also wrapped by a ribbon with a brush that possibly belongs to an immortal of justice. Moon, of course, is a symbol in Daoism that represents the Yin of the Yin and Yang, a force in the universe that compliments and is part of the cycle, opposite of the sun, the day light, and the brighter and stronger force of the two. Moon is also often used to describe female's energy as it represents the more subdue side of the universe and energy. In many old classical Chinese literature or poems, moon is also often used to describe a female's beauty.

Dimensions: 71" H x 19 1/4" W x 2" D (Each screen)
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