#25136 Antique Two-Door Ming Style Cabinet with Old Red-Brown Lacquer

Antique Two-Door Ming Style Cabinet with Old Red-Brown Lacquer. This solid built cabinet had gone through test of time until we recently re-tightened all the joints and refinished its overall look and detail while preserving its original patina as it is a good cabinet with good design. Old cabinets like this one with a simplicity in good design with all the good old elements such as its original old brass fitting and original thick old lacquer are getting harder to come by. With our special care in all detail of its construction, this solid cabinet will last you for a long time. 19th century.

This cabinet will make a subtle statement in any room whether as a bedside cabinet, in a living room, or at an entryway!

Dimensions: 30 3/8" L x 19 3/8" D x 19 1/4" H
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