#24829 Antique Street Vendor's Tool Chest with Bellow and Tall Bamboo Handles

(清代木製小食具箱)This wonderful 19th century food and tool carrier for a street vendor is evidence of a disappearing street trade from the past era in China.

A street vendor started a day with strapping together, with ropes, a tiny ceramic coal stove, brass pan (for keeping the cooked food warm, such as tea eggs), and others on and to the chest, while placing his stirs, scissors, coin change, and other necessary trade items inside the compartments of a hidden drawer underneath a tray and a cover on the top of the chest. With a small metal gong hung at the top in between the tall bamboo handles, this compact tool chest served as an essential and convenient companion for a street vendor to make a daily living. Upon arriving at a small ally or street, he then stroke the gong to announce his arrival as women and children running out of households to buy their daily treats!

This particular tool chest also has an unusual beautiful carved four-petal flower cutout at the bottom where the bellow is, which serves the function for the air to go through when pumping with the handle of the bellow with another opening on the side that connects to a separate stove. What a unique piece! This surely is a collector's conversational piece! In good condition with natural wear and patina.

Dimensions: Base is 16" x 8" and the height is 39" H
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