#4947 Very Rare 17th Century Nan-Mu Hardwood Long Table with Lattice Style Suppot

This incredibly rare and gracious eight and half feet long 17th century narrow table is made of Nan-Mu wood. It is constructed with a rare lattice style support underneath the “Floating-Panel” top with the pedestal style legs.

The lattice style support is not only an elegant design, but a thoughtful one to assure that this very narrow yet very long table will spare the possibility of being warped. The top panel and the stretchers were created in a ribbed “melon” style that echo the layered look of the lattice design as well as the all rounded shape of the design of all the parts that this table is constructed with, including the rounded legs, the edges of the table, and the small wooden pieces that composed the lattice work. With some old replacements in wood.

Dimensions: 103 3/4"w x 13"d x 33 1/2"h.
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