#8940 Rare 17th Century Side Table with Original Thick Beige Da-Qi Lacquer

8940 This simple and beautiful 17th century wine table in classical form is constructed with a “floating-panel” in a thick frame for the top, with a short waist subtly recessed under the top panel and rounded out in shape with the leg and two side rails under the waist forming a three-part joinery showing an arrow shape outside at the top of the leg while being fitted inside with specially made wooden structure.

This northern Chinese table made of Yu wood has a very thick and beautifully worn lacquer coating on the table top, called “Da-Qi (grand lacquer)” or “Bai Qi (white lacquer)”, with many layers of built up tree lacquer, wet-sanded by hand to achieve the perfectly smooth coating for each layer. This is a time-consuming process with the work of building ten's and twenty's or more layers to form the thick coating because, besides being done by hand, each layer also needs to be dried out completely before the next layer is built on. This process is usually done in a dust-controlled room.

The table is further strengthened by four stretchers in a hump-back shape in between the four legs with the hoof style feet.

From this simple example, one can see the kind of work went into making the piece to ensure its durability and long lasting nature while working with a design that is aesthetically eye-appealing in mind.

Dimensions: 36"w x 18"d x 33 1/2"h
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