• #24830 Antique Ming Style Nan-Guan-Mao Armchair with Carved Buddhist's Hand Fruit

    Chair Chinese Furiture ...



    This classical style smaller size armchair is possibly made of Huali type of dense hardwood, still retains its original brown lacquer finish with a carved Buddhist's hand fruit design on the single splat back rest and colored in organic red mineral color with gilt. It has a nice proportion which shows the chair sits lower with a wider spread in its form which often found in earlier armchairs. This chair has been restored and touched up while retaining its original patina. It is solid and will last for another 100 years or more. 180-250 years old. Dimensions: 19 3/4" x 15 3/5" x 31" H

  • #25136 Antique Two-Door Ming Style Cabinet with Old Red-Brown Lacquer

    Small Cabinet and Chest Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Two-Door Ming Style Cabinet with Old Red-Brown Lacquer. This solid built cabinet had gone through test of time until we recently re-tightened all the joints and refinished its overall look and detail while preserving its original patina as it is a good cabinet with good design. Old cabinets like this one with a simplicity in good design with all the good old elements such as its original old brass fitting and original thick old lacquer are getting harder to come by. With our special care in all detail of its construction, this solid cabinet will last you for a long time. 19th century. This cabinet will make a subtle statement in any room whether as a bedside cabinet, in a living room, or at an entryway! Dimensions: 30 3/8" L x 19 3/8" D x 19 1/4" H

  • #25111 Pair of Antique Carved Ju Wood Tea Table with Middles Shelf and Latticework

    Tea Table and Low Table Chinese Furiture ...



    Pair of Antique Carved Ju Wood (southern Chinese elm) Tea Tables with Middle Shelf and Latticework. These antique tables from Ningbo area in China are very well built with generous good wood and nice craftsmanship. They are well presented with good choices of designed elements and detail. Very hard to come by a pair like this with excellent tropical dense wood and substantially built. We have recently refinish this pair of beautiful classical tea tables with a matt French-Polish lacquer finish to perfection. They will make an elegant statement for your living space as well as being functional. Possibly mid 19th century. Dimensions for each table: 15 1/2" x 15 1/2" x 31 1/2" H

  • #24031 Antique Small Size Hand-Painted wooden Chest with A Young Boy and Bird

    Wooden and Leather Trunk Decorative & Collectibles Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Small Size Hand-Painted wooden Chest with A Young Boy and Bird. This interesting chest with a rare original motif of a young boy holding an auspicious magpie bird was specially created to store a child's belongings. It came from the Shanxi area in China. Such chests were popular to use for children believing that they brought good luck, safety, and prosperity. A commonly seen motif on these boxes would be a painted Fu-lion with majority of the boxes found being made in the earlier part of the 20th century and often repainted. This one is possibly from the 19th century. The back metal hinges have been replaced. This is truly a charming piece! Dimensions: 17 3/4" L x 13" W x 13 7/8" H

  • #24835 Antique Chinese Bamboo Low Table with Latticework and Wooden Top

    Tea Table and Low Table Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Chinese Bamboo Low Table with Latticework and Wooden Top. Made of special bamboo species with burn like spots, the top of this lovely bamboo table has been refinished in blond color. This elegant table is great to use as a meditation table,tea table on a platform, or simply use where the space desires a lower and more subtle feel and setting. 19th century. Old bamboo furniture pieces are very hard to come by, especially the ones in good condition, as the old craftsmanship,joinery, and design are much differently from the reproduced ones. Dimensions: 31 1/4" Lx23" W x 12" H

  • #24833 Pair of Very rare Antique Ming Style Ju Wood Stools with High Legs (SOLD)

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    (一對明式櫸木高腿長方櫈)A pair of very rare antique Ming style Ju wood rectangular stools with fine cuts of Ju wood with large grains, with splayed high legs in all rounded construction with original old lacquer and patina. Some replacements in spandrels. 150-250 years old. These stools are very rare and are truly collector's items! They have the right proportions and wood with the early style construction and design for the period. They are classical and beautiful. Dimensions for each: 15 1/2” L x 10 1/2” W x 19 7/8” H

  • #24834 Rare Antique Zuo Wood Small Square Low Stool with Coin Design and Bamboo Slates

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Rare Antique Zuo Wood Hardwood Small Square Low Stool with Prosperity Coin Design with bamboo slates on the top. This very rare stool is made of "Oak" equivalent hardwood and came from the Ningbo/Jhiangzhe area where during the ancient time skillful woodwork with fine and rare wood often were created with literati taste. Zuo wood (柞木)has been mentioned in Mr. Wang-Shi-Xiang's Ming furniture book. Mr. Wang-Shi-Xiang (王世襄先生) who passed away already was and is still considered China's national treasure and world's authority in Chinese Ming hardwood furniture with the ultimate taste in traditional Chinese woodwork and other Chinese arts. Some of his books are available in English. Some replacements of wood. Over 100 years old. Lacquer finish. Dimensions: 11 3/4" x 12" x 12 1/2" H

  • #24951 Small Antique Dense Wood Low Square Stool with Bamboo Slates

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture ...



    Small Antique Dense Wood Low Square Stool with Bamboo Slates with wonderful old patina. This type of stool came from the Ningbo area. It is very handy to be carried around in the household when needing to sit low to do housework. Late 19-early 20th century. Matte finish. Dimensions: 11 1/2" x 11 3/4" x 6 3/4" H

  • #24909 Small Antique Yu Wood Pillow Bench

    Bench and Stool Decorative and Collectible Decorative & Collectibles ...



    This is a real sweet small bench style pillow rest made of northern Chinese elm (Yu wood) with excellent patina and refinished with real tree lacquer over the existing aged finish. Late 19-early 20th century. Makes a wonderful decorative or collectible piece! Dimensions: 11 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 6 3/4" H

  • #24829 Antique Street Vendor's Tool Chest with Bellow and Tall Bamboo Handles

    Small Cabinet and Chest Chinese Furiture Specialty Item ...



    (清代木製小食具箱)This wonderful 19th century food and tool carrier for a street vendor is evidence of a disappearing street trade from the past era in China. A street vendor started a day with strapping together, with ropes, a tiny ceramic coal stove, brass pan (for keeping the cooked food warm, such as tea eggs), and others on and to the chest, while placing his stirs, scissors, coin change, and other necessary trade items inside the compartments of a hidden drawer underneath a tray and a cover on the top of the chest. With a small metal gong hung at the top in between the tall bamboo handles, this compact tool chest served as an essential and convenient companion for a street vendor to make a daily living. Upon arriving at a small ally or street, he then stroke the gong to announce his arrival as women and children running out of households to buy their daily treats! This particular tool chest also has an unusual beautiful carved four-petal flower cutout at the bottom where the bellow is, which serves the function for the air to go through when pumping with the handle of the bellow with another opening on the side that connects to a separate stove. What a unique piece! This surely is a collector's conversational piece! In good condition with natural wear and patina. Dimensions: Base is 16" x 8" and the height is 39" H

  • #24752 Reproduced Small Lacquered Cabinet Inlaid with Antique Carved Panels

    Small Cabinet and Chest Chinese Furiture ...



    Reproduced Small Lacquered Cabinet Inlaid with Antique Carved Panels. All the beautiful carved panels are from an elaborately carved antique Chinese canopy bed over 100 years old. This cabinet was made during the 90's when such style of cabinet were popular. Its size is great for a bedside cabinet or next to a couch or an armchair. The organic color pigments made from minerals and vegetation on the carvings are still vivid and excellent! Dimensions: 23 3/4" x 12" x 22 1/2" H

  • #24828 Antique Ming Style Carved Lower Altar table with Curved Top (SOLD)

    Sideboard, Coffer, and Altar Table Chinese Furiture ...



    Antique Ming Style Carved Lower Altar table with Two Doors and Curved Top. Polished old brass fittings that might have been re-attached. 150-200 years old. Original dark finish. Recently been restored and refinished. This beautiful antique table/ chest has just the right proportions in its construction that very is eye-appealing! Its simple and elegant style with excellent height makes it versatile to use in many functions, be it at an entryway, under a mantel, in front of a bed, below a window (without direct sunlight), or in front of any wall with beautiful artwork above. Simple ones like this don't come by easily! Dimensions: 45" L x 15 1/2" D x 28 3/4" H

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