#8553 Pair of Old Folk Paintings

Pair of old folk paintings painted in beautiful natural color pigments with some torn and worn spots. One of the paintings depicts a white-faced local warlord riding on a pet dragon, wearing his tiger hat symbolizing a king, with an attendant shielding him with an umbrella from the fire sun. He is holding a horn-shaped wine vessel in one hand and drinking to victory with a jade-like wine cup in the other hand. In front of him is a group of soldiers or home guards fighting or sentencing a man. At the bottom of this painting, the contributor's names, all from a Jeng family, are listed with the dollar amount donated from each person. The other matched painting, cropped and framed in smaller size, depicts a black-faced warlord riding on his pet tiger with similar costumes and back ground. The group of soldiers in front of this painting appears to be sentencing a female. The contributors for this painting are mostly members from a Wu family plus some others. Judging from the two paintings together, these paintings were possibly made for morale teaching. 70-120 years old.

Dimensions: Larger: 28"w x 1 1/3"d x 53"h Medium: 28"w x 1 1/3"d x 49 1/8"h
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