#22390 Antique Narrow Blond Bench with Floral Design in Spandrel (SOLD)

Antique Narrow Blond Bench with Floral Design in Spandrel. This beautiful small bench was created with four splayed legs with supporting bars/ stretchers going across in between the legs, forming a very sturdy structure for the bench when used. It is made of good Chinese southern cypress wood and has been carefully refinished recently to preserve its antiquity and character. The unusual floral design at its spandrels looks to be a peony flower, quite lovely!

This little bench that can afford the weight of a person is great to be placed at an entryway or any other compact space that needs an elegant presentation.

Dimensions: 40 3/4" L x 4 1/2" D (top) x 17" H. The depth for the bottom of the legs is at 9 1/4".
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