#18631 Ex-Long Antique Red Lacquer Bench with Melon Design

Ex-Long Antique Red Lacquer Bench with Melon Design and Gilt Carving. This "Zhu-Jin (red and gold) red bench is from the Zhiangzhe area in China and has been Repaired and refinished. It has a carved double lines in its structural design called "melon shape" for its top and the frame which include all its legs. The long spandrels are supported by hand-carved small ornaments painte din Zhu-Jin style to keep the spandrels from warping. The name of Zhu-Jin refers to the red lacquer and the gilt painting that are featured lacquered and painted style from the Zhiang-Zhe area, but also appears in furniture and wares from the Fu-jian area and from the north. This long bench is very sturdy. The red is a pink red.

Dimensions: 67 1/2" L x 16 1/4" W x 18" H
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