• #21621 Contemporary Red Lacquered Cabinet with Rattan Inlay (Featured Holiday Special)

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    Contemporary Red Lacquered Cabinet with Rattan Inlay at the front and on the top of the cabinet. With drawers and one shelf inside for convenient storage. Constructed in the traditional Chinese joinery, this cabinet has a good clean design and is not too big in size. With beautiful red, just in time for the Holiday. Hurry, this one won't last! Dimensions: L 52 1/2" x W 19 1/4" x H 33 1/2

  • #20198 Massive Size Black Lacquered Rectangular Coffee Table with Curved Legs

    Tea Table and Low Table Chinese Furiture Furniture ...



    Massive Size Black Lacquered Rectangular Coffee Table with Curved Legs. This is one example in taking an old piece or a remade one, applying with layers of very thick lacquer with a crinkled effect like an antique piece but to look "perfect". That being said, it is an attractive and a grand piece for an interior setting that sure to impress. This piece is solidly built with generous amount of material that will last for many years to come! Dimensions: 78" L x 33 1/4" W x 18" H

  • #21523 Pair of Small Black Lacquered Cabinets with Three Drawers and Rattan Top

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    Pair of Small Black Lacquered Cabinets with Three Drawers and Rattan Top. These contemporary cabinets are very functional and make great small bedside tables or end tables next to sofa! These cabinets have just been refinished to perfection. They look beautiful! Dimensions: 17 1/2" (18 1/2" w base) x 17 1/" (18 1/2") x 22" H

  • #21514 Contemporary Red Lacquered Media Cabinet Designed by April

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    This medium sized red cabinet designed by April Shen is constructed in the traditional style Chinese joinery with wood pegs. The front doors are created with a lattice style work, while the back is fitted with another lattice style wooden frame for wires and plugs that can be removed easily. It is a great piece for the heat ventilation as well. Inside is fitted with one shelf. This piece was designed with a compact space in mind. All furniture work designed by April Shen is no longer produced. This piece was used and cared for in a home for many years and has recently been refinished on the "Chinese red" lacquer work. It is ready to go to a new home to accompany a new owner! Dimensions: L 36" x W 19" x H 26"

  • #20195 Contemporary Blonde Apothecary Chest with Carved Herbal Names (Featured Holiday Special)

    New Furniture & Decorative Chinese Furiture Furniture ...



    Blonde Apothecary Chest with Brass Fittings and Hand Carved, rather than hand-written, Chinese characters of Herb on each drawer. Made of aged northern Elm, Yu wood, in the traditional style joinery without metal nails with 18 drawers. Each drawer has two compartments inside. This piece is a wonderful modern representation inspired by antique apothecary chests and its modified narrower depth makes it easy to fit in many spots in a home or office. A wonderful piece to organize all your personal small items if not used for herbal storage. Dimensions: L 35" x W 15 1/2" x H 47 1/4

  • #19190 Contemporary Blue and White Porcelain Garden Stool

    Bench and Stool Chinese Furiture Furniture ...



    Contemporary Blue and white porcelain garden stool that can be used outdoor or indoor as an end table or for seating. Dimensions: Widest Diameter 13" x H 18" (Base Diameter 11")

  • #17936 20th Century Hardwood Round Wooden Stool with Painted Porcelain Top




    20th Century Round Wooden Stool Made of Exotic Hardwood with Painted Porcelain Top. This beautiful stool is made in the traditional joinery with only tong-and-groove with its beautiful and well made tied twined-and-curved open design. It is made of a very dense Huali type of Chinese hardwood with excellent grain. the porcelain on the top is hand-painted with colorful figures. The whole stool sits on a base with small feet. This elegantly designed stool with excellent material will also work as a nice small table next to a chair or a couch to brighten your home! All appropriately refinished and repaired to excellent condition. Dimensions: 18" H x 12 1/4" Diameter (top) & 15 1/4" Diameter (middle)

  • #15628 New TV Entertainment Cabinet with Antique Carved Bed Fragment

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    Contemporary TV entertainment cabinet made with solid aged wood and antique carved bed fragment with unusual color pigments, all constructed in traditional style cabinetry without nails in the joinery.

  • #15592 Finely Made New Two Half- Moon Round Tables

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    Contemporary half- moon round tables made of solid good wood and constructed in the traditional Chinese cabinetry style without any nails in the joinery and hand- finished in beautiful colors. Sold as one piece with two parts. 47"d x 32"h

  • #10265 Contemporary Coffee table Designed by April Shen

    Furniture Chinese Furiture ...



    This coffee table made of Northern Chinese Elm was designed in March 2009 and produced by China’s wood factory in April 2009. This dark wood color table is simple, elegant, with a flare of romanticism in a simple band of carved vegetation on four visible sides of the thick tabletop. The four rounded shape legs follow the classical Chinese style, recessed under the single-board style tabletop. This is a straight, right to the point design, and an affordable piece to fit for any simple or elaborate décor, with just a bit of the feminine feel in its rectangular structure. The free style carving with a continuous band of peony flowers and leaves is very well executed. The square construction with the rounded shape legs came from the ancient Chinese belief and philosophy in “Sky being the round, land being the square”. In a different interpretation, it portraits the ancestral desire for a harmonious universe. This table has been produced in both the dark wood color and the honey-oak wood color in the square and the smaller rectangular size for the compact space. Dimensions: h:18" x w:32" x d:32"

  • #11082




    "Design by April Shen"-Medium size book chest with lattice work. This book chest/shelf was designed at the end of August, 2009 and first produced in June-July 2010 by the wood factory in China. This piece incorporates Chinese architectural element of latticework from the old Chinese doors and windows, using lines in a different way to break up the visual space perceived, allowing the negative spaces to invite the imagination to go beyond the lines. This book chest comes in both light wood color and dark wood color. The "ice-ray" lattice pattern was used on old Chinese doors and windows for a visual cooling effect in warmer weather in China. Dimensions: 36"w x 10"d x 48"h

  • #11102 Chair Designed by April Shen




    "Design by April Shen" hand-planked and hand-carved solid aged Yu wood curve style round side chair. Blonde. Dimensions: 18 1/4"w x 14"d x 37"h

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