#15149 Extra Long 17-18th Century Architectural Latticework with Four- Leaves and Coin Design

Beautiful extra long possibly early Qing architectural latticework with multiple combinations of a Four- Leaf design and a Coin design by inserting pegs of small single leaves on the two ends into two long strands of the opposite diagonal lines that are hand carved solid long sticks with many single-leaf designs without pegs. Basically, it employed the combined techniques of using carving and similar wood joinery that we see in old Chinese furniture pieces in composing these two designs (leaf and coin) together. Architectural wood element and furniture go hand in hand for researching and learning Chinese woodwork. Simple design in latticework like this one also shows how brilliant the Chinese lattice woodwork is, giving that there are hundreds of different styles and patterns composed with different techniques. This piece probably was used at an old building where ventilation is needed.

Dimensions: 87.25"L x 21.5"W x 1"D
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