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#21037 Antique Carved

Antique Carved "Zhu-Jin" Bed Fragment with Two Men in original vivid gold and red organic color pigment. The older man on the right appears to be sitting, falling on the ground inside a garden pavilion. The man at left appears to be a younger scholar, sitting at a table with a drinking cup and a book open. The two are either drunk or so deeply engaged in their conversation and joy that they did not care about the proper postures!

"Zhu-Jin" is a term for "red and gilt" used most often in Ningbo and some other areas such as Fujian for its signature finish for furniture and wooden objects. Both red and gilt color were very expensive colors and only families with lucrative income ccould afford using these colors for their furniture and daily utilitarian pieces including objects made for brides. Some minor losses in wood carving and colors. As is.

Dimensions: 9 1/8" x 5"

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