#CHF-14 17th Century Yu Wood Carved Low Table with Bamboo Motif

(明代榆木雕竹矮桌)This 17th century northern Chinese Kang table made of northern elm, Yu-Mu(榆木), has been among my favorite pieces of furniture for its simple classical design with a delightful character.

This table is first constructed with well-proportioned parts, giving the viewers a pleasurable aesthetic sense through its simple yet sophisticated design. The four sides of the tabletop, the legs, and the stretchers that wrap around the legs were all subtly created with rounded edges with all other parts recessed under the slightly thicker floating-paneled top. The four legs were purposely created slightly away from the perfectly straight lines while the carved bamboo motif is very well executed with its lines that are not quite so even and look casually spread out, giving the table a wonderful character in completion as if it were done by nature's own hand. This very beautiful low table is a perfect example that a good design and the good workmanship come hand in hand and that a good piece of artwork can be created with the less expensive material. The dimensions of the table are unknown for the moment, but the table is probably about three feet long or slightly longer.

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