Chinese Symbolism

LOTUS - Symbol of purity and perfection, and an emblem of summer and fruitfulness. It is one of the Eight Treasures of Buddhism. 
MONKEY - The monkey drives away evil spirits. The monkey is often seen holding a peach, which it stole frm the garden of Xi-wang-mu. 
ONION - The onion represents cleverness. 
PANDA - Pandas are often used as a symbol of Man. 
PEACH - The peach is also known as the "fairy fruit." It was the peach that gave immortality to the Immortals and was the elixir of life to the Daoists. It is also a symbol for marriage, spring and immortality. The peach tree of the Gods was said to blossom once every 3000 years and the fruit of eternal life took another 3000 years to ripen. 
PEACOCK - An emblem of beauty and dignity. The tail feathers used from the Ming dynasty to show official rank. 
PEARL - The concrete essence of the moon. Emblem of genius in obscurity, also a sign of beauty and purity. 
PEONY - King of flowers. An omen of good fortune. Emblem of love and affection and feminine beauty, as well as the sign of spring. 
PHEASANT - The imperial symbol of authority, also used as a symbol of office. 
PHOENIX - Emblem of the Empress and of beauty. Only appears in time of peace and prosperity. Ranks second of the four supernatural creatures, the dragon being the first, the unicorn third and the tortoise fourth. A train of small birds is always in attendance when the phoenix flies. 
POMEGRANATE - Symbolizes fertility and, being full of seeds, numerous male progeny. 
QUAIL - Emblem of courage because of its pugnacious character. 
SNAKE - The snake represents cunning, evil and supernatural power. 
THREE-LEGGED TOAD - Existed only on the moon, which it swallowed during the eclipse. Symbol of the unattainable. Liu Hai, an immortal, apparently possessed a three-legged toad. 
TIGER - The tiger represents strength and military prowess. 
TORTOISE - Longevity and immortality. 
WILLOW - Buddhist symbol of meekness. Also a sign of spring. Believed to have the powers to expel demons.

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