#DAO-060 Medium Size Antique Daoist Painting with Two Immortals

This interesting small to medium size antique religious painting consists of two figures. The female figure riding on a white elephant is Pu-Xian Bodhisattva in Chinese Buddhism (普賢菩薩, Samantabhadra or Vishvabhadra), one of the four Bodhisattva in Buddhism, who resides by the right side of the Buddha with Wen-Shu Bodhisattva (文殊菩薩, Manjusri)being on the left. Together they perform Buddha's teaching. Pu-Xian Bodhisattva was also later transformed to be a Daoist figure in Daoism.

At the bottom is an immortal riding on a large flying phoenix with beautiful bright colors. A phoenix being present represents a peaceful and thriving time. In mythology, phoenix was said to have gathered incense wood and flew to a temple where she hit herself to a shrine and burnt to death, and later re-birthed. It is normally considered an auspicious bird in Chinese culture and refers to female. In Daoism, the red phoenix represents the South. The name of the immortal here is unknown.

This painting is painted with beautiful and delicate colors made from organic color pigments derived from vegetation and minerals.

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