#DAO-01 A Massive Size Daoist Painting with A Chained Lion and A Military Guardian

This exceptional huge painting with vivid detail might have been one hung at a monastery or a temple, giving the length of time it would take for the work to be completed with its incredible detail. The lion is practically painted in such precision with hair to hair and the proportion of the lion for the painting speaks the theme of the portrayed image. The military guard (武將) blowing out an immortal through a con shell represents the invitation for a higher elite while calming and taming the lion. The lion is chained to a lighted pagoda tower(明燈), preventing the light from being stolen or destroyed.

This painting is very impressive when standing in front of it to look at it. This painting comes with a signature and seal of Ding-Yun-Peng (丁雲鵬, 1547-1628) 。Ding-Yun-Peng is the most famous artist during the 16th century for painting religious figures. Although this painting clearly is an old one, its signature still needs to be authenticated. Nevertheless, it is a work of high art in portrait and religious painting.
Religious painting was at peak during the Tang and the Song period. It was considered among the highest art forms. It declined during the late Ming Dynasty because of the rise of the intellectual taste. Few quality works of such category are available today. This painting and all others in Shen's collection were painted with organic color pigments made of ground mineral, precious stones, and vegetation.
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